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How much it will cost?

We will always make a deal about prize, because everything can't be charged as an hourly rate.

All prices depends on the type of work, and on mutual agreement with the customer. Based on the description and the request I will give you the estimated price.

Price informatins – Handyman Prague

  • The first hour of work: 260 CZK
  • Each additional hour of work: 220 CZK (can be charged for half an hour)
  • Working ar heights is charged according to difficulity of work. Usually price per hour is 300 CZK.
  • Price of work after 6 pm and weekends is increased by 25%.
  • Price of work in night hours (10 pm – 6 am) and holidays is increased by 50%
  • Price of the material will be charged according to the facts.
  • Transport in Prague: 200 CZK + flat rate parking price (in zones)
  • Transpost out of Prague: 8 CZK/km
  • More extensive or regular contract will be calculated individually.
  • All prices are per hour of work and per one handyman.

This price informations are just tentative.