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Services of handyman


  • Dripping faucet – seal replacement
  • Repair and installation of sinks and kitchen batteries
  • Installation, calibration and repair of kitchen cabinets
  • Exchange counter, making cut-out for sink
  • Repair and cleaning of waste

Bathroom and toilet

  • Replacing and repairing water batteries and toilet components
  • Flowing toilet – replacement of the flush mechanism
  • Repair of silicone around the shower tray and bath
  • Waste treatment
  • Assembly and installation of sanitary furniture
  • Making cabinets, shelves tailored into any suitable niche

Living room

  • Build cabinets, shelves and other furniture
  • Installation of modular furniture and kitchen cabinets from store types like Ikea, Kika, Asko Sconto, Idea etc.
  • Installation of cornices
  • Hanging of pictures, shelves, decorations, curtains or drapes
  • Hanging chandeier
  • Replacing broken switches and sockets
  • Attunement and involvement of television and other electronics
  • Mounting of TV bracket
  • Organization and hiding the cables electronics


  • Mowing grass, raking leaves
  • Pruning trees and shrubs, planting and trimming hedges
  • Watering the lawn and plants
  • Manufacture and installation of gazebos, children's corners, hutches, etc...
  • Repair of road, fence, removal of tree stump and other work

Other work

  • Various structural modifications in the interior (walls, demolition ..)
  • Manufacture and installation of sliding doors
  • Disposal of old furniture and equipment
  • Painting and wallpapering
  • Various masonry repairs
  • Laying of the floor covering (linoleum, carpet, laminate flooring ..)
  • Moving heavy objects
  • Driving car to service
  • Removing snow from flat roofs, houses, cottages, etc…
  • I'll help with small and bulky purchases


  • Do you want to change something but you're not sure how? Are craftsmen expensive for you?
  • Do you want to make wardrobes, shoe racks, shelves, storage areas?
  • I will find low-cost supplier for you, or I will make it by myself and put it together.
  • Do you need to buy home appliances, replace your old appliances with new ones etc?
  • I will try to find a cheaper supplier of the same product and I will help you with the installation.
  • Handyman cleans up after himself.
If you want to find out, that many problems can be avoided, contact me.